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In the summer of 2021, a long time idea finally brought to implementation by the name of "AcharyaShri Games", with an aim to provide a casual gaming platform which is free from advertisements and other distractions.

www.acharyashri.com is a platform where users can play entertaining casual games that may help them in increasing their various skills like hand-eye coordination, mental prowess, focus, concentration, willpower, etc.

These games can be played by paying a small fee in the form of coins which can be purchased via our payment gateway. Very soon, we will be coming up with monthly, half-yearly, and annual subscription plans.

Also, from time to time, we would be releasing special coupons or discounts to our top gamers as part of our festival celebrations.

AcharyaShri Games is also in touch with various corporates/brands for sponsoring the games and redeeming reward points.


Our Core Team




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Who we are

Our Philosophy

Games at AcharyaShri celebrates the uncertainty & complexity of life.

You start with a decision, then you check how long can you survive with that decision. Then a comparison of whether you have flared well or not.

These games does not end, they are carefully designed to test your focus, patience and your response time.

Our games helps you to increase concentration, focus on target and inspire you to keep fighting in all odds.

These games highlights the fruitfullness of persevartion. The power of practice and getting better with practice.


Our Promise

  • No Advertisements.
  • 100% privacy guaranteed.
  • Fully secured payment gateway.
  • Just chill and enjoy games.


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100 Coins
Subscription plans coming soon!

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AcharyaShri Games,
A28 Keshav Vihar, Kalyanpur,
Lucknow, UP-226022


+91 - 9670 4956 77

+91 - 9721 8257 67