Understanding Writeability quotient

Understanding Writeability quotient

With the dawn of smartphones, writing has become a ubiquitous mode of communication. With messaging services like WhatsApp or Social Media like Facebook or Microblogging sites like Twitter, writing is the first thing you do.

Writing is not limited to writers or authors:

Calling someone and communicating over phone or in person is taking a backstage. People are most comfortable with written messages which they can reply to at their leisure. So the best way to connect is to write a message, and the message must be short and to the point, so it’s take less time to write and should not leave any ambiguity in the message.

Difference between writing and speaking:-

Both are a form of communication, but in ‘speaking’ the listener can also judge the context by modulations in voice while in writing the reader imagine a lot of things. So a statement like “I will see you” may become threat or a simple goodbye based on the voice tone used, but in writing no such thing is possible, a writer has to depend on the context or may use some other statement altogether.

How to increase Writeability quotient?

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of your message recipient.

  2. Never take context for granted. Make sure the message you are sending has a reference of a previous message. (Like mail trail) or in Whatsapp the old message is visible. If you are not sure, then do refer to the context again and again to avoid any confusion.

  3. Always try to know the vocab level of your message recipient and try to use those words only which he can understand easily.

  4. Use a language which you are comfortable with, (and if the message recipient understands that language.) For ex. If you recipient understands Hindi and you are more comfortable in Hindi then write your messages in Hindi. No need to write in English. A good communication is one where the receiver understands the context of your message, unless the context is only to display your English skills. ;)

  5. Never shy away from using smileys and colors to highlight your context. We all have learned the dos and don'ts of formal letter writing, but that is now old school. All that is important is the meaning of your message should be clear and it should not offend anyone. No need to write unnecessary ornamental words or long paragraphs. Just hit the target. It’s not an essay writing competition.

        “Best communication happens when all participants are silent.”


Update: 19 Nov 2015

Just came to know that Oxford Dictionaries word of the year 2015 is an Emoji (Face with tears of joy) 


It proves that world is warming up using Emojis. Use them and use them well.